Hans Grill Pizza Stone Review for 2022

Have you ever tried making a restaurant-grade pizza at home and ended up ruining your dough?

Unlike a wood-fired oven that can attain extreme temperatures up to 900 degrees F, your kitchen oven will likely max out at 500 degrees F. Here’s where a pizza stone comes in handy. It helps mimic the performance of a wood-fired oven to achieve the extreme temperatures needed for excellent results.

A pizza stone helps make a crispier pizza crust and shortens the cooking time.

Sadly, there are hundreds of pizza stones out there, and not all live up to the hype. Thus, we are recommending a tried and true product from Hans Grill.

Hans Grill Pizza Stone Comprehensive Review

Hans Grill Pizza Stone Review


This product is a top-of-the-line pizza stone that combines a generous size, high-quality materials, and a versatile nature. Thus, you’ve got a cutting-edge unit that can allow you to cook, grill, and bake sumptuous and mouthwatering dishes, including cookies, flatbreads, cheese, meat delis, snacks, and many more. Also, its beautiful design allows this unit to be used as a serving tray.

Build Quality

This rectangular stone is large enough to hold a family-size pizza. However, the Hans Grill Pizza Stone features fine craftsmanship that guarantees this pizza stone delivers even heat distribution for consistent crispy crust results.

Also, it eliminates soggy centers and burnt corners. For making homemade family pizza, this unit is your go-to for perfectly charred, crisp results.


The Hans Grill Pizza Stone is 1.5cm thick, which is a perfect balance to enjoy a quick preheat and crispy base. This unit is made with cordierite, a better alternative to ceramic materials that easily crack after a couple of uses. This cordierite pizza stone is built to last almost a lifetime.

Keep in mind that this unit is not too thin to ensure you get that crispy, crunchy base and not too thick to take hours to heat up.


Unlike other products, the Hans Grill Pizza Stone is built to be used anywhere, from grill, BBQ, oven, or hob. Also, this pizza stone works well with most kitchen ovens and many BBQ brands like Rockwell, Weber, Charbroil, Cadac, and Outback.


Hans Grill Pizza Stone comes with a pizza peel featuring a long wooden handle to allow you safely handle the tool. Also, it keeps your hands away from the hot oven to prevent accidental burns when trying to retrieve your perfectly baked pizza from the baking stone.

In addition, the pizza peel is made of wood, which means it can be a bit challenging to handle due to the weight. Plus, it requires proper maintenance and sprinkling flour for better food release performance.

Our Thoughts and Test Results

This rectangular pizza stone from Hans can help improve your culinary experience. It comes complete with a wooden pizza peel to make the overall experience with the pizza stone an easy, seamless one. Also, its beautiful texture makes it perfect for serving your baked or cooked meals.

The pizza stone handles extreme temperatures impressively, which means you won’t have to be worried about this unit cracking after a couple of uses. Above all, this unit has excellent heat distribution to deliver consistent crunchy, crispy results.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Oven and Grill
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Brand: Hans Grill
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Easy Handle: 15 x 12 ” Inches
  • Item Weight: 7.95 pounds


  • Sturdy and enforced design
  • It comes with a wooden peel board
  • It’s a perfect set for beginners
  • Versatile design


  • The wooden peel requires a lot of maintenance, and its nonstick performance could be better.

Why Should You Consider

The Hans Grill Pizza Stone is nice and thick enough to bake a sizable family pizza. This stone is perfect for more than just cooking pizzas in your kitchen oven, but any kind of baked goods anywhere, including your charcoal grill. So, if you want more value for your money, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Summing Up

This cutting-edge pizza stone does an excellent job baking not only pizzas but also a nice loaf of bread and a batch of cookies. Best of all, you are not limited to your kitchen ovens. Hans Grill Pizza Stone works well on grills, BBQs, or hobs for excellent, mouthwatering results. Plus, it comes with a wooden peel to ensure you bake safely and in one piece.