How to Make a Pizza Box Smaller & Keep the Pizza Size!

Pizza is perfect for nearly all events or situations, from birthday parties to exclusively personal time with the new TV series on Netflix.

Even better, you don’t have to walk miles or stay in a queue to get a bite of your gourmet pie, thanks to the Pizza delivery guy.

Sadly, this perk leaves you with a problem – storing the leftovers. It’s challenging to refrigerate the leftovers in a large pizza box, and here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make a pizza box smaller.

The Basics of Making a Pizza Box Smaller

The favorite staple food, pizza, is delivered at your doorsteps or served in pizzerias in cartons – for lots of reasons. For folks who often have this food at home, there are high chances that you’ll have to deal with leftovers and how to store them. Also, you might be culpable of leaving your leftovers behind at the pizzeria since you had no idea how to take the rest in the package and fit it in your bag.

Hence, ideas on making a pizza box smaller to allow you to carry and perfectly store your leftovers in the freezer are brilliant. The pizza container is made of cardboard, making it easy to tear and fold into smaller sizes for storage or disposable plates for serving your friends or family.

It’s really not worth it – using ziplock bags or having your storage containers dirty with leftover pizza slices. The regular box folds easily into a smaller and more compact size to allow you to fit it inside your fridge without sacrificing much space.

Tricks for Making a Pizza Box Even Smaller

If you want to stash your leftover pizza slices, here’s a simple trick: Turn the cardboard into a smaller size to keep the leftover pieces.

First, you want to rip off the lid or the top half of the pizza box. The next step is to tear the lid into four equal parts with a pair of scissors. If the cardboard comes with perforated lines, unlike the standard pizza box, to make four disposable plates for serving the 8 pizza slices to your friends, guests, or family.

For stashing the leftovers, take the other half of the pizza box and tear the edges with a pair of scissors. If it’s not the regular box, you might find perforated lines to use as a guide for ripping the edges aways.

After you are done with this, you should be able to fold the body of the lid or other bifurcated part in half to make a compact box for perfect fridge storage.

Then, you can apply food-safe adhesives to seal the pizza box for safer storage.

Another method:

Take the lid off and make a triangle perforation on the edges of the other half of the box. You want the pointy part of the hypotenuse of the triangles facing each other.

Now, you should be able to fold the body and tuck in the sides for a compact box to stash away your leftovers, conveniently.

Food Safe Adhesives for Sealing the Pizza Box

With the alarming increase in health concerns, it’s crucial to ensure your leftover slices are appropriately sealed to ensure they make it home safely or get contaminated. It’s best to freeze your leftovers to preserve the flavor, color, texture, and most importantly, the nutrients.

Here’s where food-safe adhesives come in handy. These super sticky adhesives protect your leftovers from viral pathogens or unwanted contaminants. Also, it helps ensure they do not fall off the box while trying to fit it in your freezer or take it out.

Final Tips for Making Your Pizza Box as Small as Possible

It’s an easy process. You want to bifurcate the pizza box into two and fold the body while tucking in the sides. After that, use a food-safe adhesive to secure the leftovers. This way, you have peace of mind that your content won’t be contaminated or fall off when trying to fit in or retrieve your food from the freezer.


If you are a big fan of pizza, you should know the staples are delivered in different types of boxes. We are not sure all pizza boxes will be easy to make smaller for compact, convenient storage or carry.

However, you can easily use a pair of scissors, the lid of a pizza box, and some food-safe adhesive to make a secure container for your leftovers.

Hopefully, the two tricks mentioned above help you make a pizza box smaller without trouble creeping in.

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