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Pizza cutters tend to lose their acuteness very easily since they are not made to be that sharp in the first place. This handy accessory loses its edge after a couple of uses; thus, it’s important to know how to sharpen a pizza cutter.

Unfortunately, sharpening your regular knife is much easier than a pizza cutter due to its wheels and circular shape.

Keep in mind that different types of pizza cutters are made of different materials and might not be suitable for sharpening.

Hence, I’ll discuss, in this post, how to sharpen your pizza cutter to help boost your pizza-slicing dexterity.

How To Sharpen a Pizza Wheel?

If you have a dull pizza wheel, then slicing your pizza might just be frustrating. Thus, let’s check out the ways to regain your pizza cutter’s edge.

Pizza Wheel

Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

Today, it’s pretty common to find a knife sharpener in every kitchen, but these appliances exist in different kinds. This means, only knife sharpeners that allow users to slide their knives through is the ideal choice.

The pizza wheel’s rotating blades make regaining the edges tricky and challenging with most types of knife sharpeners. Consequently, it’s better to choose the right knife sharpener by asking the sales attendant or making adequate research before splurging on one of these.



A whetstone is a sharpening tool for regaining different metal tools’ acuteness, including pizza cutters and knives. This tool often features a flat surface and is available in a plethora of grit options that determine the stone’s coarseness or fineness.

Place the whetstone on your desired angle before you start grinding the wheel of the pizza cutter. All you’ve to do is grind the wheel’s edge, but you should expect a learning curve because of its round shape.

Puck sharpener

Puck sharpener

The puck sharpener is a bit similar to the traditional whetstone discussed above. In fact, they have almost the same working principle – the only difference is that puck sharpeners are hand-held.

Despite not being the appropriate sharpening tool for your pizza cutter, the puck sharpener is said to offer a more decent performance compared to the whetstone.

Belt grinder

If you need an option with a bit of power, then you can go wrong with a belt grinder. This cutting tool is best used for sharpening and finishing metal products. That’s not the only reason why people opt for the belt grinder. This option offers incredible ease of use. Nonetheless, it would help if you were careful when using this tool because of its spinning edge.

Sadly, the price and size can be a deal-breaker for people looking to purchase an effective tool for sharpening their pizza cutters. If regaining your pizza cutter is all you want, then purchasing the belt grinder might not be the best idea.

Pizza Cutter Sharpener

Best Pizza Cutter Sharpener

The name of this tool should give you enough insight into why it earns a spot on our list. These tools are designed for the sole purpose of sharpening your pizza wheels with the least effort. With the pizza cutter sharpener, you don’t need to worry about imperfect slice cut and cluster toppings.

More so, it’s very easy to use and nearly impossible to create a mess. Its simple sharpening mechanism is another thing to love about this tool. It requires you to roll the cutter’s wheel across the tool.

The pizza cutter sharpeners share a similar working principle to the knife sharpeners and are intended for sharpening the pizza wheel’s rotating blade.

Honing steel

Honing steel

Unlike a draw-through sharpener, the honing steel is a much faster way of regaining your cutter’s acuteness since it allows you to work on more of the blade edge.

When sharpening your pizza cutter, place the beveled side up and on your left hand and use your two fingers to keep the wheel’s backside stable and flat. With your right hand, grab the honing steel at the apt angle matching the bevel of the cutting edge of your pizza cutter.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

The best sharpening options for people with a pizza cutter wheel include Knife Sharpener, Whetstone, Puck Sharpener, and Belt Grinder.

Pizza Cutter Blade

The knife sharpener and whetstone are the two best options for sharpening a pizza cutter blade.

Why Do Pizza Cutters Become Dull?

Pizza cutters do not hold their sharp edge for a long time and get dull after a couple of uses. So, if you are wondering why your pizza cutter become dull easily, here are a few reasons:

Low-quality materials

Cheap pizza cutters are not designed to be durable and have poor edge retention. An economical wheel cutter might even lead to imperfect slices and ruin your pizza. Also, not all materials can be sharpening. Therefore it’s best to purchase a pizza cutter made of steel.

Equally important, you shouldn’t just purchase a pizza cutter because it’s expensive but of high-quality construction.

Wrong use

Using your cutter in the wrong way might be another underlying reason. It’s advisable not to slice your pizzas on hard surfaces such as stone or plastic. We recommend using a wooden platform to help retain your blade’s edge.

Poor storage

This is often ignored but plays an integral part in edge retention. The pizza cutter shouldn’t be kept with other kitchen tools in your drawer. The blade tends to get damaged as it hits other cutlery or kitchen accessories.

Another likely scenario that might be experienced due to poor incorrect storage is chipping off of the blade. This damages the blade, which leads to poor slicing performance, which might render this tool useless.

You can watch this video to clear the guideline. This video created by our friend SELECTOOL Demos.

Wrapping It Up:

There are dozens of ways to sharpen a pizza cutter. But it’s important that you opt for an option that’s most comfortable for you. In this post, we’ve discussed a couple of simple ways to regain and retain your cutter’s edge.

Above all, you should only splurge on a sustainable and durable pizza cutter. That being said, I hope you found this guide helpful.