What Size Pizza Stone for Large Green Egg? – How to Choose!

If you are looking for a pizza stone for a large green egg, you need to identify what size you need for your job. So, check out “What size pizza stone for large green egg” to know more.

Size depends on your choice of food. You should take a pizza stone according to how you want your pizza crust. Different stone bakes differently. In this article, we are sharing with you some of the information about pizza stones, the method of choosing the best one, and some tips as well.

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What Is A Pizza Stone for Large Green Egg?

Pizza Stone for Big Green Egg

A pizza stone for a large green egg is cookware. It is mainly used for baking a lot of types of pizzas, bread, and even desserts. This is a versatile tool where you can have the perfect crust of your pizza.

This pizza stone works great for spreading the heat in every corner. It helps to brown the food without burning it up. In the stone, ceramic is used that helps to pull the moisture from the outer part of the dough and make a nice crust. Using a pizza stone is a good choice to distribute the heat properly and thus the food stays hot for a long time.

Types of Pizza Stone for Big Green Egg

Talking about the types of pizza stones, you must know that there are a lot of types and sizes you can get. Several sizes of a pizza stone for the big green egg are available. Such as Pizza & Baking Stone that is 21 inches. In this stone, the XLarge and 2XLarge EGGs can fit.

Besides, 14-inch Pizza & Baking Stone where the XLarge, large eggs, and 2XLarge can fit. Further, the 12-inch Pizza & Baking Stone is also available to get the MiniMax EGGs, small, medium, large, XLarge, and even 2XLarge can fit properly.

How to Choose A Pizza Stone for A Large Green Egg?

To get the idea of how you can choose the suitable pizza stone for a large green egg, you need to know the necessary points that help you to find the better one. See the points below.

How to Choose A Pizza Stone for A Large Green Egg?


There are some facts about the material of the pizza stone that you should know before buying your suitable one. Generally, thermite is a superior material that has thermal retention capacity. Besides, cordierite stone is also good to have thermal shock resistance. Ceramic stones are also a good option if you are looking for something budget-friendly.


Choosing the perfect size stone is important as it allows heat to distribute all over the place. You Ji get a pizza stone that is covered from the direct heat of the fire. It helps to bake perfectly. And for that, the recommended size is a 12-inch stone if you are into Minimax and a 14-inch stone if you want it for a large one.

Heating Capacity

The strategy of the heating capacity of a pizza stone is simple. The outcome depends on the number. It means if the number is more, the outcome will be better. When it’s about Big Green Egg, you should know that you can make a thin-crust Neapolitan pizza as it allows you to bake it even at 700℉.


Having a certification is important while buying any product. Make sure you buy a pizza stone from a well-known store. So, you can have the ultimate authenticity. Also, when you buy a stone, make sure it has a certification.

What size pizza stone fits on the large green egg?

If you want a pizza stone for a large green egg, the recommended size will be 14 inches. The reason is the 14-inch stone is a versatile one. You can use it for many purposes like baking, making desserts, and bread. Also, this ceramic stone takes the outer surface moisture and spreads heat in an even way. That is why you can get a perfect crust.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how you can get a perfect-sized pizza stone, you can have yours too. Just do your research well before buying. Also, see all the features to know the suitable one for you.

This is how you should identify the details about “what size pizza stone for large green egg.” See the details in this article then buy.