Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe with Easy Homemade Crust!

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While college students are smitten with cold leftover pizza for breakfast, it might be something you don’t want to relive. However, if the idea of having pizza for breakfast is appealing to you, then this recipe for you.

There are lots of breakfast pizza recipes out there, but the Midwest version is a popular option. This pizza recipe includes all your favorite breakfast items: peppers, onions, breakfast, scrambled eggs, and also, cheese. Keep in mind that there are several variations, which are a different combination of these ingredients.

Nonetheless, the regional specialty features a basic cheese crust, eggs, sausage, and meat. Although you can make a pizza in less than an hour on weekends, it’s best to prepare the toppings at night and allow you to bake your pizza for breakfast in about 30 minutes.


This recipe requires using a creamy sauce made with milk, flour, and butter to make scrambled eggs. So, you get fluffy eggs that match perfectly with the buttery crust, tender crispy veggies, and zippy sausage.

  • Pillsbury pizza crust holds all those mouth-licking toppings. This crust is flakey, buttery, sturdy, and easy to find.
  • Breakfast sausage: if you’re anything like me that loves having sausage for breakfast, you will need a mild or hot breakfast sausage for a bit of heat.
  • Veggies: garlic, peppers, onion are some of my favorite breakfast ingredients. Also, making your sausage with these veggies adds amazing flavor and great taste.
  • Milk, flour, and butter: combining these ingredients make a white sauce, otherwise called bechamel sauce. But in this recipe, we’ll be using the traditional red pizza sauce.
  • Eggs: particularly scrambled into the bechamel sauce for making the most tender, fluffiest scrambled eggs to make the best breakfast pizza base.
  • Mozzarella and cheddar cheese: it’s not possible to have pizza or scrambled eggs without the cheese. I prefer the mozzarella for stringy cheese savoriness and cheddar for amazing flavor.

Breakfast Pizza variations

While it’s best to make your breakfast pizza as instructed in this guide, people with a food allergy or love to explore in the kitchen.

  • Crust: you can purchase a pizza dough or make a pizza crust at home. However, it’s important to follow the instructions in the pizza crust recipe or on the package, especially if it requires pre-baking the dough for the best results.
  • Sausage: it’s best to use a hot, medium, or mild sausage. But if sausages aren’t your thing, then bacon is your best bet.
  • Veggies: adding spinach or mushroom to your breakfast pizza can be a smart idea. However, both veggies contain lots of liquid, which you might have to drain to avoid having a soggy pizza crust.
  • Cheese: regardless of your choice: pepper jack, Monterey jack, or swiss, you can’t go wrong using your favorite cheese.
  • Taste & Style: if you’re a vegetarian, then it’s best to use a vegetarian sausage. For a gluten-free breakfast pizza, use a certified GF crust. But using vegan butter, almond, vegan cheese, or other non-dairy milk creates a dairy-free breakfast pizza.

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