7 Best Pizza Cutting Board in 2021 – Included a Detailed Guide

If you are anything like me, then you’ll always want to pick the biggest pizza slices. And no doubt, this would result in some sort of arguments, especially when your friends are over for the weekend.

Here’s where a pizza cutting board comes in. These products allow you to be fair as it helps cut the slices evenly. Plus, they are designed to be friendly with your pizza cutter, which means better edge retention.

While several cutting board options are flooding the market, not every one of them is suitable for slicing your pizza for a fair choice. Luckily, we’ve expertly handpicked the best pizza cutting board and included a detailed buying guide to ensure you make the right choice.

Best Pizza Cutting Board – Comparison

Picture Product Name Material Dimensions (LxWxH) Price
Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Natural Bamboo 17.5 x 13.5 x 0.75 inches Check Latest Price
Daddy Chef Round End Grain Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood 16.5 x 16 x 2.5 inches Check Latest Price
John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S Walnut 18 x 18 x 3 inches Check Latest Price
Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Plastic 11.42 x 0.38 x 7.87 inches Check Latest Price
Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Walnut 10.5 x 10.5 x 1 inches Check Latest Price
B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board B.Brown Large Round Wood 210 x 210 x 9.6 inches Check Latest Price
TILEMALL Bamboo Pizza Peel TILEMALL Bamboo Pizza Peel Bamboo 16.45 x 12.83 x 0.55 inches Check Latest Price

Top 7 Best Pizza Cutting Board To Buy

1. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Topping our list of the best pizza cutting boards is Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen. This durable product is made of bamboo, which makes it ideal for carvings or servings.

This board features a juice groove to prevent the food’s juice from seeping into the wood; rather, it’s trapped in the groove. Also, the feature comes in handy, as it prevents spilling over your expensive kitchen countertops.

So, if you want a board that meets your chopping and cutting needs, then the Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen is definitely a great option. Besides, it is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, which shows the manufacturer’s high level of confidence in its performance and durability.

Even better, this board is knives friendly, which means your pizza cutters won’t get blunt with this product. Furthermore, the cutting surface is coated with mineral oil for a perfect shine and easy food release.

Although it’s not dishwasher safe, cleaning this board is a breeze. Plus, its large size makes it suitable for both home and commercial use.


  • Smooth finish
  • Knife friendly construction
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Juice groove for mess-free cooking and cutting


  • No guide to cut pizzas in uniform sizes
  • Not dishwasher safe

2. Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood cutting board

Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood cutting board

For those who bake round pizza, you need a circular board like the Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood cutting board. This unit is the best round pizza cutting board, and it’s made from a unique combination of solid oak and high-quality hardwood.

This unit features an alluring oil finish and silicon feet for a stable cutting surface and scratch-free experience on your expensive kitchen countertop. Also, it doubles well as a serving tray.

What’s more? Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood cutting board features two handles and removable, non-slip silicone feet, making it easier to move the pizza to the dining table from your kitchen.

This 1.5-inch thick cutting board feels solid and very versatile. The end grain design prevents your blade from losing its acuteness, thus, keeping your pizza cutter and knives sharper for an extended period. More importantly, this cutting board is not dishwasher friendly and requires regular wax or oil application.


  • Easy to use
  • Double as a serving tray
  • Features transparent silicone, non-slip feet
  • Solid, durable oak construction


  • Poor quality control

3. John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S Classic Pizza cutting board

John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S Classic Pizza cutting board

The John Boos Block is arguably the best pizza cutting board with a reversible design. This block is made from solid American Black Walnut wood and sports an end grain construction for professional-grade durability. Also, it ensures the cutting surface is knife-friendly.

Like most wooden cutting boards, this product should only be hand washed and dry. In addition, it’s best to apply oil or max for a smooth cutting surface. Furthermore, John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S is backed by a decent 1-year warranty, which protects customers from any defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Here’s more: this unit sports integrated handles to make rotating, moving, and lifting this board a breeze. This cutting board offers two flat surfaces that are ideal for cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks.

Even better, the reversible butcher block cutting board is available in a wide variety of size and wood options to ensure you get a perfect fit for your kitchen space and cutting needs.


  • Easy to apply
  • Food Safe construction
  • Available in a wide range of size and wood options
  • Reversible design


  • Warps after a while

4. Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board

Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board

The Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board is a set of three large grip yellow, orange, and green cutting boards. Buyers get a small, medium, and large cutting board. They feature soft-grip handles that are large enough for convenient handling.

Next, this product features rubber feet to prevent a slippery cutting experience. Plus, it makes it safe and convenient to handle. Another thing to love about these cutting boards is their one-side juice grooves that trap your food’s juice for a clean, mess-free countertop. On the other side, you get a flat surface that offers more workspace.

Unlike the wooden pizza cutting boards discussed in this list, the Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board won’t warp or degrade when tossed into the dishwasher. On top of that, it’s stain-resistant and quite durable.

Its sleek design allows convenient storage after use. The manufacturer takes pride in this product, which is evident as they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee offering peace of mind with the purchase.


  • Double-sided design for impressive versatility
  • Easy to store
  • Features juice grooves for mess-free chopping/cutting experience
  • Large handle for easy handling


  • The juice groove could be slightly deeper.

5. Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Wood Cutting Board

Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Wood Cutting Board

If you want a cutting board that can hold a large pizza, then you can’t go wrong with the Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Wood Cutting Board. This product’s brown shade makes it a treat to the eyes. Hence, it can also be used as a serving tray for serving sushi, bread, pizza, or other preparations.

Further, this board is made from walnut wood and features a soft and porous end grain finish, ensuring this unit is easier on your knives and pizza cutter. Therefore, prevent your blade from getting blunt.

Similarly, the Virginia Boys Kitchens Round Wood Cutting Board features a juice groove to catch greases or liquid of food or veggies with ease. It’s perfect for chopping herbs and veggies. More so, it offers two cutting surfaces for improved versatility.

Above all, this best pizza cutting board won’t crack or warp, thanks to its sturdy, thick construction. It arrives unseasoned, allowing users to use their preferred finishing wax or seasoning oil for better performance.


  • Soft and porous design for a knife-friendly surface
  • Warp, crack, or splinter resistant.
  • Beautiful design and color to double as a serving tray
  • Juice groove for a mess-free countertop


  • Poor quality control

6. B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board

B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board

The B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board is another large round cutting board making it to our list. This option is perfect for both beginners and seasoned chefs. It’s ideal for carving juicy meat, chopping tomatoes, and a lot more. This cutting board doubles well as a serving plate to serve sushi, cheese, crackers, pizzas, and other appetizers.

It’s round-shape and small size make it very convenient and easy to use. B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board measures 0.8-inch thick for durability and quality sake. With such thick construction, the manufacturer boasts that this cutting board won’t warp and serve your purpose for years.

Crafted from natural hardwood, this product is touted to easily outperform other options made from walnut, acacia, or maple. Another thing up this board sleeve is its unique pattern which makes it a treat to the eye.

Even better, the manufacturer offers a 60-day replacement guarantee and a full 6-month limited warranty, which shows a high level of confidence in this cutting board.


  • Round, small size for convenient use
  • Crafted from ecological clear natural hardwood
  • Easy to clean
  • Knife friendly cutting surface


  • The juice groove could be a bit deeper.

7. TILEMALL Bamboo Pizza Peel Cutting Board

TILEMALL Bamboo Pizza Peel Cutting Board

The TILEMALL Bamboo pizza peel is more than just a wooden peel for transferring pizza from your oven to your countertop. This peel is as great as a pizza cutting board. It comes with a slanted, contour handle for an easy and comfortable grip.

Its tapered edges make it hassle-free to slide the peel under the pizza dough for quick pizza preparation. Further, it’s made of 100% natural bamboo that ensures this product won’t split, warp or crack. Its nice beveled edge coupled with its smooth surface makes it easier to clean and comfortable grip.

Also, it features a wall-hanging hole that makes storage convenient. Further, it isn’t too heavy to allow you to tilt and twist your pizza dough with ease.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile design
  • no splitting, warping or cracking


  • Poor quality control

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pizza Cutting Board


Cutting boards are available in a wide range of material options, and that makes reaching a definitive resolution challenging. However, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each material before making a choice.

wood pizza cutting board


A wood cutting board offers a soft surface that is easy on your knives. Also, they are porous, which means these cutting trays absorb the food’s juice when prepping and can potentially create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Sadly, these boards cannot be fully sanitized or soak, which is probably one of many reasons wooden cutting trays are not recommended for commercial purposes. On the bright side, wood has natural antibacterial properties that kill bacteria when drawn into it within hours, according to some studies.

Therefore, it’s best to use these trays for bread and fresh produce, while prepping your meat should be done on non-porous trays.


Plastics can be fully sanitized and easy to clean, and no doubt, mostly used in commercial kitchens. This material does not offer a knife-friendly cutting surface like wood but certainly better than glass and metal surfaces.

This option is also soft and creates a perfect ground for bacteria growth. Luckily, some manufacturer includes antimicrobial protection on the plastic surface. The plastic cutting tray is durable and non-porous and comes in a plethora of color options.


The rubber cutting tray is another non-porous option. This sturdy, dense cutting tray offers a couple of bells and whistles. To begin with, this board stays in place without slipping for a hassle-free cutting experience.

Unlike plastics, rubbers tend to self-heal when faced with small scores since it’s elastic and bendable. Another thing to love about rubber cutting boards is its low maintenance, eliminating the need to wax and oil the cutting surface. On the downside, rubber tends to grab at pizza cutters and knives, making them less common with most cooks. But it’s easy to clean and resurface, which makes it more suitable for commercial purposes.


These cutting boards are not real wood but appear so. They offer the benefits of wood without drawbacks. They are made of resin-compressed paper or wood pulp. Composite cutting boards have high heat resistance and do not gouge or score easily like other options discussed in this section.

One main drawback of using a composite cutting board is its tendency to dull knives and pizza cutters more quickly. However, it’s an ideal choice for people looking to enjoy the benefits without the hassle of a wood cutting tray.


When trying to pin down the right cutting board to purchase, the tray’s size is another important consideration. For instance, if you want to prep steak, then a large cutting board is your best bet. But a small-sized cutting tray is preferable for wedging garnishes.


Hopefully, this guide helps make the decision process much easier. But if you are still not confident about our resolution, you should check out our top pick for the best pizza cutting boardExtra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen. It’s large, sturdy, and durable enough to handle just about anything thrown at.

Nonetheless, we’re confident that whichever pizza cutting tray you decide to go for will serve your purpose for many years to come. Also, don’t forget to check out our buying guide to ensure you make an informed decision.